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Manchester United accidentally exclude Adnan Januzaj from Player of the Year competition

Manchester United have made what is presumably a clerical error by using Adnan Januzaj to advertise their player of the year competition but leaving his name off the ballot.

Alex Livesey

Manchester United have launched their Player of the Year award, and have done so using Adnan Januzaj's face, among two others. In a typically suspect United Twitter account photoshop job, which you can see here:

Just one problem, however. Follow that link, and attempt to vote for Januzaj, and you will find that his name has been left off the ballot entirely. Excellent work.

Also worth viewing that link to see the 'highlights' packages they've tried to cobble together for Marouane Fellaini, Alexander Buttner and Tom Cleverley. Outstanding stuff, featuring a lot of pointing and shouting.

Of course, this will probably get fixed at some point. Perhaps Rooney had it in his contract that he had to win the award, or something. If you're interested, TBB voted for Rafael.