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Forlán: I told Suárez to join Manchester United after he asked me if he should stay at Liverpool

Former Manchester United striker has advised Liverpool's Luis Suárez to move to Old Trafford. Patrice Evra will be delighted.

Doug Pensinger

I'm not sure if Diego Forlán was hiding in a nuclear bunker when the whole Luis Suárez-racially-abused-Patrice Evra story came to light, but the ex-Manchester United striker has advised his compatriot to make the move from Liverpool to Old Trafford regardless.

The Mirror translated the quotes from Brazilian sports paper Lance!:

"We spoke a few days ago. He asked me if I think he should stay at Liverpool. All I told him was to think about going to Manchester United. I know he loves Liverpool, the fans and the city, but I think the best thing for his career would be to move to Old Trafford."


It sure would be funny to see how Liverpool fans took to such a switch, but after all Suárez has done to our dear Patrice, I don't think this one could ever be a goer. At least it's nice to see Forlán still endearing himself to our Merseyside rivals, after he famously "came from Uruguay; he made the Scousers cry" back in 2002-03.

That was over a decade ago. Yep, you're old.