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New manager appointed within days — reports

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According to the newspapers, the search for David Moyes's replacement is nearly at an end, and the new man could be confirmed in his position as early as next week.

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Joern Pollex

*drum roll*

And the new manager of Manchester United ...

*further drums*

... according to Mark Ogden in the Telegraph ...

*slightly louder drums*

... and also according to James Ducker in the Times, which is behind a paywall ...

*faintly hysterical drums*

... to be confirmed in his job by the beginning of next week ...

*vaguely disappointed drums*

... pending a resolution of the question of Ryan Giggs's position within the coaching structure ...

*distinctly uninterested drums*

... though all sides are confident that this will pose no problem ...

*barely audible drums*

... to the extent that work has already begun on transfer targets ...

*slightly more interested drums*

... will be ...

*massive drums*


*trumpets, fireworks, dancers, elephants, streamers, cake, ticker tape, glitter, cheering, whooping, applause, explosions, sirens, majorettes, more cake, sousaphones, violins, cannons, trapezes, a slick guy in a suit pointing at the camera and smiling, doves, even more cake, fireballs, the massed ranks of the military marching past in perfect synchrony, acrobats, jugglers, magicians, cheerleaders, a dinosaur, champagne*