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United mishandling Fellaini, says Wilmots

Belgium's international manager has criticised David Moyes for his handling of Marouane Fellaini, and has given the midfielder his backing.

David Rogers

Belgium manager Marc Wilmots has <tabloidspeak> BLASTED </tabloidspeak> Manchester United's deployment of Marouane Fellaini. Speaking to Belgian newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws, Wilmots addressed the midfielder's underwhelming first season at Old Trafford and placed the blame firmly with the manager.

I have no doubts about Marouane. The World Cup is a good chance for him to take revenge. I don't understand why Manchester United bought him to play him in a system of two number sixes. Marouane is a box-to-box player.

Many United fans will be startled to learn that United have been playing with a system. Still, it's good news for Fellaini that Wilmots is willing to look past his disappointing club form. Barring injury before the end of the season, it looks as though he's guaranteed a place in the squad, and he may be joined by Adnan Januzaj. Wilmots recently announced that the recently-confirmed-as-a-Belgian will join his 30-man preliminary squad.

As for David Moyes, one outstanding question remains. At what point is it going to be safe for him to start reading the news again?