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Luke Shaw to United "a formality" as Southampton accept bid

Manchester United have secured Luke Shaw and the remaining personal terms remain a "formality", according to the Mirror.

Mike Hewitt

Manchester United's pursuit of Luke Shaw could be a virtual done deal as only personal terms, which will be 'a formality', remain to be completed, according to the Daily Mirror.

The £25m offer reported to have been made by United last night appears to have been accepted, and Shaw looks like he will indeed be the first signing of the post-Moyes era.

While we agree that Shaw is astonishingly good for his age, we do have some points of slight concern. Firstly, paying a reported £75,000 a week to a teenager is a potentially risky move which could make things difficult for us in the future, and secondly, there's quite a big step to be made in moving to United if we're going to be trusting a young kid to be our starting left-back.

Hopefully, we'll get Patrice Evra to stay around as a mentor. Either way though, it looks like we've secured one of the best young defenders in the world.