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Louis van Gaal to be unveiled as next United manager tomorrow, says Mirror

Louis van Gaal could be confirmed as the next Manchester United tomorrow, according to the Mirror's Simon Mullock.

Alexander Hassenstein

Louis van Gaal is quite clearly going to be the next Manchester United manager, but we've been awaiting confirmation for a long time now. However, it appears we may be able to descend from our tenterhooks relatively soon. Tomorrow, in fact:

So, there we go. Van Gaal was answering questions earlier today and gave people asking about the United job a rather short shrift, insisting he was only there to talk about his current job, not the next one. He may wish to get the confirmation out of the way, although he'll no doubt be plagued with other questions afterwards - what about Ryan Giggs, do you see Tom Cleverley as being on the same level as Andres Iniesta, and so on.

We're probably set for a long tedious period of speculation and brushed-aside answers to silly questions, since presumably Van Gaal is unlikely to be able to give himself a proper introduction with the World Cup looming. But the confirmation should be nice.