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Van Gaal already feeling the pressure of the United job?

Louis van Gaal was complaining to the press about the nature of even being linked by the Manchester United job earlier.

Buda Mendes

Louis van Gaal isn't even the Manchester United manager yet, but he's already finding himself surprised at the scale of the job, seemingly.

Earlier, after being asked again about the United job and referring to his remarks a few days ago, the Dutchman said:

Yes, welcome to the job, Louis. Well, not welcome - that won't be til later (possibly tomorrow) - but it's nice that you seem to be at least figuring out the magnitude of the position.

Hopefully we won't see any repeats of the "David Moyes decided to take the players to Tiger Tiger to cool down and was surprised when they were mobbed by fans, Adnan Januzaj cried after getting too much female attention and Nemanja Vidic had to be restrained" or whatever type stories that were wheeled out (post-departure, obviously) to illustrate poor Davey's confusion at the scale of the task.