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Confirmed: Giggs in Holland!

Reports of the movements of Ryan Giggs have been shown to be correct: he is in the Netherlands, he has probably been visiting Louis van Gaal, and he has definitely been wearing a grey cardigan.

Ian Walton

Things. Are. Happening.

Sometimes, reports come true. Everybody seemed to think that Ryan Giggs was off to the Netherlands this morning to meet Louis van Gaal, but nobody knew for sure. Well, we do now, as Giggs has been spotted strolling around in the Dutch sunlight.

He, er, he doesn't look very excited about whatever's been said, does he? Anyway, while we don't know what's been discussed, it would be the coincidence to end all coincidences if Giggs just happened to be visiting the same part of the world as the man who is, all reputable sources agree, about to be confirmed as Manchester United's manager.

Furthermore, since we've been told, repeatedly, that Giggs's future is one of few sticking points left to worked out, we can probably assume that an announcement isn't too far away. As long as Giggs didn't say anything too off-putting. Or Van Gaal didn't say anything thunderingly unacceptable. Or he wasn't just going to a tulip convention.

Isn't this exciting?