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Ferguson negotiating for Juventus superstar?

Alex Ferguson went to watch a football match yesterday. Naturally, he tried to buy a footballer at the same time.

Claudio Villa

Ah, silly season. How have you been?

Those of you that watched last night's Europa League final will have seen a proper belter of a 0-0 followed by a couple of dreadful Benfica penalties. But you may also have seen noted wine connoisseur and former terror of the Premier League Alex Ferguson sitting up in the stands.

And who was that sitting next to him? Why, only Juventus manager Antonio Conte! What ever could they be talking about? Well, Italian website SportMediaset think they know. Arturo Vidal, a sum of monies ranging between €30 and €32 million, and the exchanging of the former for the latter.

Now, there's no doubt that Vidal is a brilliant player with a silly haicut who would improve United's midfield by a quite remarkable amount. While SportMediaset reckon that moving the Chilean on is part of the Italian side's larger plan to hang on to Paul Pogba, and that a deal could be done at €40m, TBB finds it all a little hard to believe. Not least the use of Ferguson as the courier. Is the fax machine broken?

File under: extremely tenuous, probably nonsense, sadly. He was probably just scouting Ezequiel Garay again. Old habits die hard.