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Manchester United record increase in profits and revenue

Despite United's awful season and costly hiring of David Moyes, the club have still recorded a big rise in profits and revenue.

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Michael Regan

Manchester United may have had an awful season, but that hasn't stopped the club raking in record revenues over the third quarter of the financial year. Those revenues, according to Ed Woodward quoted in the Telegraph, put United in an excellent position to strengthen the playing squad this summer.

The revenues for the three months to the end of March were a record £115.5 million, with profits of £11m -- almost a quarter better than this time last year. That's despite a rise of almost 20% in the players' wage bill; taking into account the arrivals of Juan Mata and Marouane Fellaini, and new contracts for Nani and Adnan Januzaj. Apparently Wayne Rooney's massive rise isn't included in these figures, as he's made a big gain in an image rights deal not included in the wage bill.

Fans' favourite Woodward had this to say:

"We once again generated record revenues ... as all of our businesses delivered impressive year over year growth. This puts us in a healthy financial position to continue to invest in the squad. Everyone at the club is working hard to ensure the team is back challenging for the title and trophies next season."

Now get spending, Louis van Gaal.