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United's latest signing may not be complete

According to reports in Serbia, the transfer of Vanja Milinković from Vojvodina, which United announced yesterday, may not in fact be complete.

Michael Regan

Yesterday, your all-singing all-dancing tBB sensationally broke the news linked to an announcement on that Manchester United had signed Serbian U17 goalkeeper Vanja Milinković from Vojvodina. One for the future, we sagely noted. Very tall, we hastily Googled.

Well, it turns that United may have come charging out a little too early on this one, which is as bad a look for a world famous sporting institution as it is for a goalkeeper. According to reports in the Serbian press, while United and Vojvodina have reached an agreement, the player has yet to sign. Other clubs remain interested, and matters are complicated by the fact that, given his age, his parents need to be involved in any deal.

For those of you that speak Serbian, the reports are here; for those of you that don't, an English summary can be found here. Let's hope that this tuns out to be simply a formality. The alternative — that United are operated by a gaggle of idiots who wouldn't know a completed transfer if they fell over one — is far too bleak a thought for a Sunday afternoon.