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United to move for Barcelona star?

A midfielder! For sale! An actual honest-to-goodness world-class midfielder for sale!

David Ramos

According to Spanish newspaper Marca, Barcelona have made Cesc Fàbregas available for transfer. The story states that the Catalan club will accept an offer of over €40m and, while they aren't desperate to sell, they are intent on overhauling their squad following a difficult, trophyless season and with a potential transfer ban looming. Apparently they're hoping to replace him with Paul Pogba, whose name rings a bell for some reason.

So, are United interested? It's hard to imagine they wouldn't be, not least because the club spent a lot of time pursuing exactly this transfer last summer. While Fàbregas' time in Spain hasn't been the resounding success that he and his Barca DNA were doubtless hoping for, he is still only 27 and was one of the finest midfielders in the Premier League at the time of his departure. The question of whether he would improve United's midfield is tough to answer, but only because it's hard to talk through tears of laughter.

It all makes a suspicious amount of sense, assuming the club can find it within themselves to forgive the man who once SENSATIONALLY HURLED A PIZZA at Alex Ferguson. But a word of warning: this is Marca, and they tend to lean very much toward the Madrid side of things. So they might just be stirring.