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Manchester United close to signing German international midfielder

Manchester United are edging closer to signing Toni Kroos, according to Miguel Delaney on ESPN.

Alexander Hassenstein

Manchester United could be close to signing Toni Kroos from Bayern Munich, according to Miguel Delaney, an ESPN journalist.

Delaney features regularly in our summer gossip on here, and he's well-connected and usually pretty much on the money at United. So, we're close to wrapping up the signing for probably a world-class player - what are the problems?

Well, number one, is Kroos really what we need? He's played in midfield proper a few times but his best position is undoubtedly in the hole. There are many players who make this transition - Luka Modric, for instance - but we should probably be looking for a proper midfielder, particularly since we lack steel in midfield. What's the good of buying Kroos if he's lining up next to Michael Carrick?

Number two: this is "United are confident." For which you can probably read "Ed Woodward is confident." Hmm.

As for "why would Kroos move to United" types, well, he's in the last year of his contract and the two parties are nowhere near an agreement or a valuation. And who gave Kroos his debut, anyway? Why, that's right, Louis van Gaal....

Most importantly though, however will he fit into the team with Cesc Fabregas?