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David Moyes accused of assault in Lancashire wine bar

David Moyes is spending his time off work productively, by rumbling with young lads in Lancashire wine bars.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Things are incredibly getting even worse for David Moyes. He's taken his sacking well and has chosen to spend his time devoted to more leisurely pursuits that one cannot find the time to while in the hectic world of football. Namely, if reports are to be believed, scrapping in wine bars with young lads.

A police statement read:

"Police are investigating a report of an assault at the Emporium wine bar in Clitheroe.

"Officers attended the bar at about 10pm yesterday (Wednesday, May 21st) and it was reported that a 23 year old local man had been assaulted by a 51-year-old man. He did not require hospital treatment.

"Inquiries are ongoing and we are speaking to a number of people to try to establish the circumstances.

"There are a number of differing accounts which we need to work through to try to establish exactly what has happened.

"No-one has been arrested at this stage."

However you feel about Moyes, got to back the older man as the underdog in any scrap like this. I hope he made it as difficult as possible for him.