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Schweinsteiger offered to Manchester United as Kroos deal collapses

Amid the heartbreak of missing out on Toni Kroos, a very interesting rumour reaches us that Bastian Schweinsteiger was offered to Manchester United instead.

Lars Baron

Well, this is interesting. Manchester United may well look like they've turned their noses up at Toni Kroos, but it appears that Bastian Schweinsteiger is available and was even offered to Manchester United.

Graham Hunter is the man making the claims, a journalist with many connections in Spain and thus to Pep Guardiola. He's not exactly got a 100% track record - he had Thiago nailed on to come to United, after all, but then, who didn't?

The reason it's interesting is that he claims that Guardiola was loathe to lose Toni Kroos and Bayern rebuffed their advances, which is straying from the press pack mentality on what the real situation was. So, that suggests one or both of two things: that a deal for Kroos was never likely, and that United could be about to go for Schweinsteiger instead.

Whether or not we're interested, Hunter has no idea. But I think I can speak for the other two members of TBB as well as myself when I say: WHAT?! SCHWEINSTEIGER? HE'S PERFECT! WHY ARE THEY SELLING HIM? WHY DOES ULI HOENESS STILL HAVE A HAND, SINCE YOU SHOULD HAVE RIPPED IT OFF? GET HIM ON THE NEXT PLANE TO MANCHESTER YOU DUNCES!