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Bayern midfielder rules out United move

It looks as though yesterday's reports were correct: Toni Kroos will not be joining Manchester United.

Stuart Franklin


In loving memory of 'Toni Kroos to Manchester United'

Some time in 2013 — 23 May 2014


The final words:

I am expecting to play for Bayern Munich next season. There was a lot of speculation, but Manchester is and was not an issue. At this point in time I am fully focused on preparations for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


The Busby Babe would like to express their thanks to everyone for their support at this difficult time. You are invited to share your memories of 'Toni Kroos to Manchester United' in the comments section below.


Friends, colleagues, Manchester United fans. We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of 'Toni Kroos to Manchester United'. It is in the nature of the game; many rumours are taken from us, just as many are born. So few ever survive to fruition. It is a brutal, short existence.

Do not be over-mournful, friends. Remember that 'Toni Kroos to Manchester United' loved you all, and simply wanted you to be happy. Remember the good times; remember the flutterings of optimism that United were on the verge of signing a world-class midfielder. Remember the giddy conversations about whether Kroos could dovetail with Kevin Strootman, or Cesc Fabregas, or Tom Cleverley. Remember the joy that it brought with its existence, even as you recognise the sadness that comes with its passing.

And then, look to the future. For the summer is long and United are desperate. There will be many more rumours to come; many more to love, to cherish, and then to set aside. This is the burden we bear, as football fans. Hope, first promised, then dashed, but always promised again. Take another rumour to your heart, and hold it close. Strootman or Fabregas, Clasie or Depay. The wheel turns, the imagined XIs rise and fall, and in the end there is only dust. And Marouane Fellaini.