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MUTV: Luke Shaw's United transfer a done deal

Luke Shaw's move to Manchester United is as good as a done deal, according to Mark Ogden, who was appearing on MUTV.

Richard Heathcote

The Busby Babe does not have an MUTV subscription, so we're unaware of how usual or unusual it is to get journalists on the club's official station to comment on transfer rumours. But that's exactly what's happened.

The journalist in question was Mark Ogden - someone with probably the best track record of any journalist covering United in recent years - and he claims that the Luke Shaw move is basically done and agreed.

Reportedly, Ogden's exact words were "The Shaw deal is done, it's just a matter of time." Which is nice. He'll also have Patrice Evra as a mentor, who will be staying with us for another year - so this should hopefully calm the fears that something had scuppered Shaw.

That's not all Ogden was talking about either - stay tuned for other tidbits from the man from the Telegraph. On the official TV station. Good god, whatever next?