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Van Gaal chasing Dutch duo

Another day, another rumour. This time, apparently, Louis van Gaal has his eye on two of Feyenoord's and Netherlands' juiciest prospects.

Charlie Crowhurst

There's going to be a lot of this sort of thing. Over the summer, any Dutchman that even so much as sneezes in a vaguely impressive manner will be linked to Manchester United. Louis van Gaal, the World Cup, and a reportedly gigantic transfer kitty? Of such stuff are rumours made.

So, today, a double helping. According to the Mirror, our Glorious Soon-To-Be Leader is targeting two of Feyenoord's young internationals, midfielder Jordy Clasie and centre-half Bruno Martins Indi. Naturally, there are political sensibilities to be respected here; while Van Gaal must abuse his position as far as he possibly can, he can't really be seen to. And so:

[United] will keep a watching brief on the pair during the World Cup and make discreet contact with Feyenoord, with a view to thrashing out a deal when the tournament ends.

So discreet it's in the Mirror.

Anyway, Clasie is a young midfielder and exciting prospect who Robin van Persie recently compared to Paul Scholes. Hopefully that's the passing rather than the tackling ... actually, no, we'll take either. He looks likely to start in Brazil, and has a misspelled tattoo concealed somewhere about his person. Apparently he's known as "the Dutch Xavi".

As for Martins Indi — excellent name — he too will feature in Van Gaal's first team this summer. Left-footed, highly rated and just a smidge over six feet tall, he is as capable at left-back as he is in the middle. His nickname, though, needs work. "The Utility Man." Come on now. That's rubbish. Let's go with "the Dutch John O'Shea".