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Van Persie: "I will walk on fire for Van Gaal"

In an interview for the Blizzard, Robin van Persie has spoken at length about his career, his decision to join Manchester United, and his relationship with his soon-to-be club manager.

Alex Livesey

It is with great pleasure that tBB is able to bring you further adorable updates on the adorable all-Dutch love-in between the occasionally adorable Robin van Persie and the weirdly adorable Louis van Gaal. Today's rejected tabloid headline, incidentally, is TIGHT VAN MEN.

The forthcoming issue of the Blizzard, a pay-what-you-want football quarterly edited by Guardian contributor Jonathan Wilson, includes an extensive interview with Van Persie by Dutch journalist Leo Verheul. This has been excerpted in today's Guardian, and it's both very interesting and pretty long. Go and read it when you get the chance; until you do, here are a few United-centric highlights.

On joining Manchester United and winning the title:

I never would have gone for the money, but wanted the change to take my career a bit further. And it turned out to be the right decision. I won the title with Manchester United right away. And I must also say: Manchester United is a warm club. I feel happy there. It was the first time in my life that I became champion of a country. A dream. But the most beautiful thing about the title was the path towards the championship. It was like being on a train. It was fabulous.

On being managed by Louis van Gaal and looking forward to the World Cup:

Personally, I'm in my best period. Van Gaal gave me all the confidence I can ask for. He made me the main striker, my favourite position. At last. He made me captain. I owe him something. So I will be as sharp as a knife in Brazil. I will walk on fire for him if I have to. Like the rest of the team.

On breaking the all-time Netherlands goal-scoring record:

In the second half I scored number 41. Van Gaal called me over and took me off the pitch. The public stood up and gave me a hell of an ovation. That's Van Gaal. I was injured in the days before, my little toe. Ridiculous, but very painful. A couple of days before the game it was still hurting. The house-rule within the Dutch team is that you if you're in pain, you have to go home. But the coach made an exception for me. And that paid off.

Take a moment to re-read that last quote, and consider the implications. Van Gaal can make Van Persie play through an injury. He can make Robin van Persie want to play through an injury. The man's a wizard.