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United winger set for Juventus switch

The Italian press are reporting that Nani will move to Italian champions Juventus at the end of the season.

Richard Heathcote

According to the Daily Mail, who have been reading Italian newspaper Tuttosport, Manchester United's Portuguese winger Nani will be moving to newly-crowned Italian champions Juventus at the end of the season. The reported fee is a mere £4m, which seems like far too little for a player of such undoubted talent who just signed a new contract. On the other hand, it seems far too generous for a player who has, in recent seasons, almost entirely disappeared.

Quite what Juventus intend to do with him is unclear: this is a side who are embarrassingly superior to the rest of the Italian league but have been a bit rubbish in Europe, which isn't the kind of problem that screams out for a staggeringly inconsistent winger. Still, they took Nicklas Bendtner on loan last season, so maybe Antonio Conte is operating some kind of Underwhelming Premier League Players retreat. Come and convalesce in Turin, we can get you a good deal on a new Fiat.

Anyway, if accurate, then that's the end of one of the most frustrating United careers of recent memory. At the time of writing, Nani has made 229 appearances for United, which is ten more than Ruud van Nistelrooy and puts him level with Gordon McQueen. He is unlikely, however, to be viewed the same affection, as while in a few of those games he looked completely unplayable, for at least 115 of them everybody spent most of the time swearing at him.