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Carlo Ancelotti reportedly rejects massive Manchester United offer

According to a report in Spain, Carlo Ancelotti has turned down the chance to become the highest paid manager in the world at Old Trafford.

Denis Doyle

According to Spanish online news outlet El Confidencial, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has rejected an offer from Manchester United to make him the highest paid coach in the world. Representatives from United apparently offered the Italian a massive €18 million deal, which would've reportedly trumped Pep Guardiola's Bayern Munich deal by a million euros.

However, Ancelotti's reply was apparently short and sweet. "Sorry, I'm happy in Madrid and at Real Madrid," El Confidencial quotes, adding that the Italian is happy to be at the "best club in the world." He apparently likes the Madrilenian way of life, and how he can go to his favourite restaurants "without any problems." I'm not sure quite what Ancelotti thinks Manchester life would be like, perhaps imagining he'd be hounded on every street corner, but it's understandable he's quite enjoying himself at the Merengues for now.

Of course, this may be a load of nonsense. TBB knows nothing of the reliability of said site, or indeed how an online portal that, as Wikipedia informs us, specialises in economic and financial news, would stumble across Ancelotti's thoughts on the Spanish capital's eateries. Perhaps it's just an educated guess based on a reading of his autobiography, in which his love for food plays a central role.

But whether this has any truthful basis or not, it doesn't really alter much for us; it still looks very much likely that Louis van Gaal will be the man to take over at Old Trafford next season.