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BREAKING: David Meyler is a filthy scumbag - video

David Meyler came out with one of the most blatant attempts to deliberately hurt a player we've ever seen in the dying minutes of Manchester United's 3-1 victory over Hull City.

Alex Livesey

Your team is safe from relegation having been tipped to go down, and have just been beaten in a fairly routine game at Old Trafford by Manchester United. The game is about to end, and you have an FA Cup Final to look forward to. So what do you do? Do your best to get banned for it.

David Meyler took it upon himself to carry out this atrocious stamp on Adnan Januzaj for absolutely no reason, apart from presumably the fact that he was annoyed at having rings run round him all night by the youngster.

That's not quite as dangerous as some tackles we see in the league, but it's by far and away the most outright attempt to just be nasty and hurt someone for absolutely no reason. Hopefully, he'll be banned for the FA Cup Final like he deserves. Who are Hull playing in that, again? Oh, erm...