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Nine incredible Adnan Januzaj GIFs from Manchester United 3-1 Hull

Adnan Januzaj was the clear man of the match in Manchester United's 3-1 victory over Hull City. Here are his best eight moments from the game.

Alex Livesey

If you didn't see, Adnan Januzaj was pretty great against Hull City last night, winning the Man of the Match award despite James Wilson's debut brace. Here, we will see his NINE best moments from the game.

Simply mouseover the GIFs to show them.

All GIFs posted with the permission of the excellent BeautifullyRed.


Some excellent interchange and showcasing his excellent touch as United try to work it outside the Hull area.


Januzaj beats three men with ease and then forces a fourth into a handball, for which no penalty is awarded.


A clever move, dropping slightly deeper to draw two defenders away before a smart backheel releases Shinji Kagawa in plenty of space to attack.


Januzaj beats three men for the second time in the game, showing his unique style - languid and effortless yet with surprising pace. Unfortunately, he's denied by a good recovering tackle before he can get his shot away.


Nex, Januzaj uses sheer pace to beat his opponent down the right wing before sending in a pass which may have been a decent assist for a midfielder without the intense slowness of Marouane Fellaini.


A rare lack of end product here, but a sensational flick to get away from his marker, and by the time he produces his next touch, he's miles clear. Look at the touch just before the pass. Look at it.


Some excellent work while dropping deep, using some deceptive movement and speed to get United on the attack, also drawing five players towards him.


What sets Januzaj apart from a lot of similar players like, oh, I don't know, Raheem Sterling, is that he already has an excellent end-product and brilliant delivery. This free-kick which led to James Wilson's first is a fine example.


More excellent work down the right to beat two men and show excellent pace before putting it on a plate for Fellaini. A poor effort from the big man nonetheless sees Wilson tuck away the rebound.

We may have something very special on our hands here.