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Louis van Gaal speaks out on Manchester United rumours

Louis Van Gaal has broken his silence over his links to the Manchester United job, stating that they are 'the biggest club in the world' and that he would love to join them.

Buda Mendes

Louis van Gaal has said that Manchester United are "the biggest club in the world" and that he would love to be the manager.

While the rumours have been flying around for a while that Van Gaal's appointment is basically a done deal, this is the first time the Dutchman has spoken out about it. And while it's not confirmation, it will add weight to those claims.

Taking time away from The Netherlands' World Cup preparations, Van Gaal said: "For any coach who takes the job it's a fantastic challenge. I hope I will be the one but you will have to wait and see."

So, interesting stuff. And a nice nod to "biggest club in the world", which might hint at least his PR skills will be better than poor old Davey's. It would at this point be astonishing if he didn't get it, but it also looks as though the announcement will wait til next week.