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United could lose another top youngster to Juventus or even Arsenal after contract talks stall

Manchester United striker Will Keane could move to Juventus or even Arsenal after contract talks broke down, according to the Daily Mail.

Charlie Crowhurst

Will Keane's contract talks with Manchester United have stalled, and the youngster could be ready to move to Juventus, according to the Daily Mail.

While Keane probably isn't quite in Paul Pogba's class, there will be obvious parallels drawn between the last time we lost a promising youngster to the Turin side - and we all know how painful that was, and continues to be.

Keane was intended to be a squad member for Alex Ferguson's last campaign in charge, but he suffered a terrible injury which kept him out of action for the entire season. Nonetheless, after returning to action, the goals quickly returned. He was recently loaned to Queens Park Rangers but failed to do much amont the 9432 other strikers at the club.

Worryingly, the Daily Mail suggests that he has offers from several clubs, including Fiorentina, Juventus, and even - christ - Arsenal. Keane's probably not worth giving up on just yet, and it would be a pain to lose him to someone like Arsene Wenger in particular. Let's hope this is just contract wrangling.