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Charlton: United will top City next season

United's all-time top scorer and current member of the board of directors has vowed that United will triumph in Manchester next season.

Warren Little

Speaking last night at Manchester United's end of season awards, Bobby Charlton, who was in the process of presenting Ryan Giggs with the club's first Lifetime Achievement Award, promised that United would return to pre-eminence in Manchester.

Next year I guarantee that we will be number one in Manchester. We like to be first and we will be first. We will have to buy a couple of players, which will happen. I am looking forward a lot to next year because Manchester United is not renowned for being second.

Or seventh, come to think of it.

Anyway, the summer is coming, and so everything must be filtered through the lens of the transfer window. So, "a couple of players". What does it mean? Are those six or seven players not coming? Is United's reputed overhaul is going to consist of much more out than in? Are United going to begin next season with David de Gea, nine youth players and Edinson Cavani? Oh Bobby, you tease!