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World Cup: Day One - open thread

It's the opening day, and we're quite excited.

Buda Mendes

So the World Cup starts today, and that means things are likely to quieten down on the United front. But don't worry. In the meantime, here is a place for the Busby Babe's users to chat about the events in Brazil, as well as anything else that crosses your minds. This is where you come to lament the midfielders United will never buy, and to purr over Adnan Januzaj's bench-sitting technique.

Today's games: Brazil vs. Croatia, São Paulo, 17:00 local time/21:00 UK time. If you're not watching, you'd best have a good excuse. Apart from the football, there's an opening ceremony beforehand, and let's be honest with ourselves, that's the real draw. There are rumours that trampolines will feature.

Today's United connections: None, sadly. Oh Luka. It could have been beautiful.

Other stuff:

Ahead of the game, SB Nation's Kevin McCauley looks at how Brazil transformed themselves from a mess to the favourites. The other two aspects of TBB have also written about the game: Jack Sargeant's preview is here, and Callum Hamilton introduces the game for beginners here.

One more shout for the gigantic SBN preview of the whole tournament, too. We're all exceptionally pleased with how it turned out.

Finally, Twatball is an alternative fantasy football game, where users score points according to how disgraceful and/or rubbish their chosen players prove to be. Our own spanishjack has set up a league for tBB users called 'Prawn Sandwiches'. Deadline is 19:00 tonight, so get a shift on.