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Manchester United midfield target signs for Chelsea

Cesc Fabregas has signed for Chelsea, leaving Manchester United looking potentially silly.

David Ramos

So, as we all knew (unless you were a commenter last summer, where you were all peculiarly insistent he'd never leave, and in which case we'd just like to say NERRRR, told you so), Cesc Fabregas was up for leaving Barcelona. He went to Chelsea, however, and Manchester United have decided for whatever reason not to buy him.

Now, to be honest, we're pretty glad of that IF we get someone else in. Fabregas doesn't suit this team at all - he's inconsistent, goes missing in big games, and he hasn't played as an actual central midfielder for a long time. He looks a shadow of the player he was before he left England and he'd have been a huge gamble. Nonetheless, it's annoying to see other clubs doing all their business and us once again sat here doing nothing.

At least this will be amusing to note the reaction of Arsenal fans. Cesc himself confirmed that Arsenal had the chance to sign him but chose not to, which is quite funny.