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UPDATES: Herrera deal looking certain, in England and deal already signed

Following Cadena Ser reporting that Ander Herrera could join Manchester United, several sources are on board with the news.


Get ready to rock out with your non-gender-specific genitals out. It looks like the deal for Ander Herrera could well be on.

Not only have Cadena Ser reported the deal, as we mentioned earlier, but now a host of other names are on board. AS in Spain, The Daily Mail, Howard Nurse of the BBC and Marca. In fact, Spain seem to be universally in agreement that this is definitely happening.

Marca say that Herrera is in England and has already signed a 4-year deal, while Howard Nurse tweets that there could be imminent transfer news from United, and AS back up Cadena Ser's earlier story.

One heavy note of caution - Mark Ogden, oft-reliable on all things United, has stated that it would be 'a surprise' as he had been ruled out by United. The positive note to that is that, well, of course it's a surprise - how many of us were expecting this? - and that Ed Woodward's modus operandi is not yet well-known even among the press he wines and dines. So we're definitely treating this as something that could happen imminently. Let's get excited.