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OFFICIAL: Ander Herrera leaves Athletic Bilbao ahead of Manchester United switch

It's back on, folks!


Well, that happened quickly. It was only this morning that Athletic Bilbao confirmed they'd rejected a transfer bid from Manchester United for the signing of their midfielder Ander Herrera, though they've now officially announced the player has departed by paying his contract's buyout clause.

statement on their website read:

"The Football League has certified that player Ander Herrera has fulfilled the requirements of the applicable regulations for unilateral termination of the employment contract that bound him to our club, by depositing the amount of compensation established in the contract.

"Athletic Club thanks Ander Herrera for his dedication during the three seasons he has enjoyed at the club, and wishes him the best in his future sporting projects."

Of course, that doesn't mean Herrera is a United player, though we've been led to believe that he's in Manchester, has already thrashed out a contract, and has completed a medical. It's only a matter of time before we see him holding the red shirt.