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We scoured the best Ander Herrera videos so Manchester United fans don't have to

Ander Herrera has signed for Manchester United, so we collected some Youtube videos of his best moments.


In case you're not aware, we've signed Ander Herrera. TBB is pleased about this. TBB feels that he brings the following qualities that the midfield lacks: Pace. Creativity. Passing. The ability to run with the ball. Aggression. The ability to win the ball. Not being Michael Carrick or Tom Cleverley.

We also feel that his boyish good looks will help boost the team's overall attractiveness level, which is always a good thing for any side to have. That in mind, we've collected a few videos to get us all excited.

First, here's a bombastic intro showing off his best passing, mostly.

Here's a sensational piece of skill to help set up a goal for Bilbao against Barcelona:


And here's the whole performance from that Barcelona game:

And here he is playing against some bunch of useless pricks in red shirts. The state of them. Hopefully he'll be able to step up when he's playing against better opposition.

Finally, here's a link to a picture of him shirtless for that unadorned spot on the bedroom wall.