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Turns out Shinji Kagawa can be pretty good

He's been frustrating for Manchester United, but with the World Cup coming, Shinji Kagawa looks to be finding a bit of form ahead of the World Cup.

Mark Kolbe

In case you were wondering why Manchester United haven't played for a while, there's a World Cup coming. All United's players (apart from Tom Cleverley and Michael Carrick, the poor lads) are on the way to Brazil to do battle with each other for football's ultimate prize: the Golden Boot. And the World Cup itself, obviously, but we all know what the real prize.

One of them, Shinji Kagawa, played in a friendly for Japan last night, and scored a pretty good goal. Yes, it's against Costa Rica, who aren't noted for their defensive solidity and seem to be running backwards as quickly as Kagawa is running forward. But still: driving out of midfield, finding the angle, a tidy finish ... good stuff.

He's smiling! He's ... he's happy! Maybe it's something to do with wearing yellow.

The opinion of this aspect of tBB, incidentally, is that Japan are going to be great fun at the World Cup. They attack like dervishes and they defend like drunkards, and what more can anybody ask for, really?