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Adnan Januzaj is no longer Belgian

FIFA take firm action over the most pressing issue of the day ...

Alex Livesey

Well, not officially. Yet.

Adnan Januzaj, one-time transnational conundrum, made his debut for Belgium on May 26, coming on for the second half as Belgium ran out 2-1 winners. He played promisingly, showed a few neat tricks, and generally looked every inch a promising young footballer.

Except he didn't. It turns out that Belgium exceeded the permitted number of substitutions in the course of the game. Not too surprising; international friendlies are sub-heavy things, and it can get a bit complicated counting all the way up to six but no further. So FIFA have stripped the game of its official designation, and Januzaj, who didn't play on Sunday night as the Belgians beat Sweden 2-0, is still an uncapped player.

As such, none of what happened, happened. Romelu Lukaku did not score a hat-trick, and will have to return all the confidence he undoubtedly . Marouane Fellaini did not miss a header from a few yards out, and so can feel good about himself again. And Januzaj is back in his state of heightened eligibility. Presumably Roy Hodgson's been on the phone ...