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Arturo Vidal on brink of completing Manchester United move?

According to a report in Chile, Arturo Vidal is on the brink of completing a move to United.

David Ramos

There's an exciting report in Chile's La Tercera newspaper today, with Arturo Vidal said to be on the brink of completing a move to Manchester United.

The Santiago daily explains that Patrice Evra's move to Juventus has helped the two clubs agree a fee of around £32 million for the industrious midfielder, aided by the convenient presence of Vidal's agent in England to help smooth out Arsenal's signing of his compatriot Alexis Sánchez.

But -- and there's always a but -- you should probably take the report with some caution. £32 million sounds eerily cheap for Juventus to sell one of their prize assets, and a pretty reputable Italian source, Gianluca Di Marzio, has explicitly stated that the there have been no discussions about Vidal during Evra negotiations.

It's pretty safe to assume that United's interest in Vidal is genuine, but TBB isn't yet expecting an announcement any time soon. This one could drag on.