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Arturo Vidal "packing his bags" with United move imminent

Arturo Vidal looks like he might actually be joining us, with Marca now joining in in claiming that the deal is all but done.

Jeff Gross

"Arturo Vidal is packing his bags for Manchester." Such has been the implication from a number of sources lately, but that's now the on-the-record verdict of Marca, who claim a deal is all but done.

Apparently the fee will be €40m plus Patrice Evra, although it's not clear if that would take place as one swap deal or two moving through at more or less the same time.

This has moved on pretty quickly in recent days - Vidal himself opened the door to a move with some coy comments last night, and AS claimed that his agent had said it was close to happening this morning. So everybody's coming around to the same conclusion.

There aren't too many other details around, but it looks like this one is probably likely to happen. We can all start getting giddy very soon, even if it will be hugely marked by the sad loss of dear old Pat.