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Louis van Gaal orders United to change training surfaces

Does this count as a big summer signing?

Clive Mason

Louis van Gaal hasn't taken long to start implementing his famed 'vision' with characteristically uncompromising command. According to a report in the Guardian today, Manchester United's new boss has ordered the Red Devils' training pitches at Carrington to be ripped up and replaced by a "synthetic-grass hybrid material" known as Desso.

Now, this isn't quite as radical as it may seem, as according to journalist Jamie Jackson, Old Trafford has had Desso since last year, and a quick look at the Desso GrassMaster Wikipedia page (exciting stuff!) reveals that it's actually pretty commonplace.

However, it's an illustration of van Gaal's notorious attention to detail and unwavering determination in the pursuit of glory. It's a "madness" recently detailed by his old friend David Endt on the Financial Times, which is well worth a read.

In other news, Van Gaal will apparently speak in a press conference later today, ahead of United's first pre-season friendly against LA Galaxy tomorrow.