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Farewell, sweet prince: Bebe joins Benfica in €3m deal

Bebe is off to Benfica, bringing to a close one of the most bizarre careers at Manchester United of all time.

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We couldn't possibly guess why Bebe was bought. We could speculate, at length, about the skulduggery and dodgy dealings on behalf of the dark Lord Ferg, and what he might've possibly been trying to do, but we probably shouldn't for legal reasons.

Anyway, unfortunately the dear loveable old winger is now sadly off, as, after a surprisingly good season in Portugal, Benfica have signed him for €3m. Which is a fair old loss, although United have negotiated a 50% sell-on clause.

One of the strangest signings of all time for the club, and his performance versus Wolves will live long in the memory. We didn't personally see any of him last season but it turns out he might actually be a decent player. But certainly not United quality.

This does, however, leave us with bugger-all in the way of wingers, which Louis van Gaal has been apparently seeking to redress, despite the 3-5-2 formation. Juan Cuadrado has been linked, and we'll keep you posted of any further developments.