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United set to offer €60 million for Arturo Vidal

The Arturo Vidal Saga, Part XXV

Claudio Villa

The respite in the Arturo Vidal transfer saga was brief indeed.

La Gazzetta dello Sport have today reignited speculation that the Chilean could be on his way to Manchester United, claiming that the Red Devils are offering Juventus €60 million for their star midfielder. He would reportedly be paid around €8 million per year plus bonuses for four seasons -- more than twice his salary in Turin.

The Chilean's agent, Fernando Felicevich, will apparently discuss the offer with Juve's director general Giuseppe Marotta tomorrow. Gazzetta add that coach Massimilano Allegri would be happy to keep Arturo (no way!) but that "he knows that Juve can't reject an offer of 50-60 million."

Of course, we've been hearing this kind of thing for a few weeks now, and Vidal still seems no closer to becoming a United player. However, Gazzetta is undoubtedly one of the more reliable Italian sources when it comes to transfer news, and there's very unlikely to be smoke without fire here.

One thing's for sure: if United really are offering these sorts of figures, it's going to be very hard for Juventus and Vidal to turn them down.