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World Cup 2014: Day 28 - open thread

Yesterday, we saw eight goals. Tonight, we will see nine! Maybe.

Matthias Hangst

So, er, who saw that coming? The hosts are out, and not just out but blown to smithereens, having turned in one of the worst collective performances in living memory. A bit of distance will doubtless bring examples to mind, but as it stands, it's hard to think of a more ridiculous, seismic, significant thrashing. Anybody?

Anyway, the tournament moves on, as do the Germans. After the Lord Mayor's stupid, hilarious show ...

Today's games

Netherlands vs. Argentina, São Paulo, 16:00 ET/21:00 UK

A desperately hard one to call, this. Argentina are the only team left in the competition with a perfect, all-win record, yet haven't beaten any side by more than a single goal and have looked thoroughly pedestrian at times. Their opponents, the Netherlands, look constantly on the verge of being found out, yet have managed to find a way to get through, largely thanks to Arjen Robben. And they completely dicked Spain, though that seems like ages ago.

Today's United connections

Hup, hup, Holland! Once again, Louis van Gaal will be doing his maverick/lunatic managerial thing, this time attempting to stop Leo Messi with a defence that may not even contain Ron Vlaar, thanks to injury. What treats are in store this time, after he blew the world away with Tim Krul, penalty specialist? Well, rumours were suggesting that Robin van Persie, United's other Dutchman, might miss the game with stomach trouble, but now it seems this may all have been a crafty mind game! Oh Louis! You card!

Other stuff

Our very own Jack Sargeant has previewed today's fixture for SB Nation Soccer. In the spirit of immodest self-promotion, here are pieces on Lionel Messi being quiet but dangerous, Miroslav Klose breaking (the original) Ronaldo's goalscoring record, and a big long feature on Manaus that is a few days old but hasn't yet been promoted over here. Also worth a look is this piece by Ryan Rosenblatt on Sergio Aguero and Robin van Persie, and this by Guilherme Crz on being a sad Brazilian. The poor lad.

(Also, chortle.)

How to watch

In the UK, ITV1 has the game, while across the Atlantic, Americans will require the services of either Univision or ESPN, while Canadians will need to tune into CBC. The rest of the world -- hi guys! How's the weather? -- should head over LiveSoccerTV for all the relevant info.