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Wayne Rooney named as permanent Manchester United captain

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Wayne Rooney has been rewarded for being Wayne Rooney with the captain's armband by Louis van Gaal.

Clive Brunskill

Louis van Gaal has taken the unfortunate step of naming Wayne Rooney as his permanent captain at Manchester United.

The club announced the move over Twitter after a generally rubbish performance from our new leader, although he had a decent pre-season overall. Darren Fletcher has been named vice-captain alongside him.

Now, TBB is not happy about this. TBB considers Rooney to be a double-edged sword and, at worst, a plain liability along with an intensely dislikeable man and someone who we should probably have an exit plan for. Nonetheless, he is still one of our most decisive players on his day, and we'll just have to accept the wishes of Van Gaal, for now.

They say that bad news comes in threes, so after Rafael is reportedly set for the chop and Rooney has the armband, we fully expect to bring you news of a new 4-year deal for Michael Carrick tomorrow. Keep 'em peeled.