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United target Marcos Rojo disciplined for missing Sporting training

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United target Marcos Rojo has been disciplined for going on strike, supposedly to force an Old Trafford move.

Jeff Gross

Sporting Lisbon's versatile defender Marcos Rojo has been disciplined by the Portuguese club for going on strike and missing training, supposedly in a bid to force a move to Manchester UnitedQuoted by Eurosport, the Primeira Liga outfit's president Bruno de Carvalho has said Rojo -- and his teammate Islam Slimani -- will be "subject to strong disciplinary measures":

"They will not play next weekend. This will take as long as it takes. If something doesn't change, you're going to end up with the players seeing out their contracts. They can watch the game on television.

"There is no player bigger than the club. I would not give up the honour, the club's history, for the attitudes of anyone. These two, in defence of our magnificent group, must be removed. They are subject to strong disciplinary measures."

If said disciplinary measures end up with Rojo moving to Old Trafford, TBB offers its full backing to Mr. de Carvalho. If the reports of Rafael da Silva being flogged are true, then we desperately need another crazy defender to keep us all amused. Rojo, of the infamous, needlessly ostentatious World Cup rabona clearance, fits the bill perfectly.

There's also the helpful fact that he's quite good at football, and has the ideal technical and physical attributes for a role either side of the central defender in Louis van Gaal's defensive trio: namely being pretty quick and good on the ball. After an excellent World Cup, signing him for anything less than £20 million would be fine business.