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Luke Shaw injured, out for a month

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Manchester United's new left back will miss the start of the season.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't even started the season, and already the injuries are starting. Luke Shaw, United's shiny new left back, has been ruled out for the first month of the new season.

Though Shaw missed yesterday's friendly against Valencia with a knock picked up in training, it had been thought that he would be fit for the opening game of the Premier League against Swansea. However, as you can see above, Sky Sports News are reporting that the injury is significantly more serious.

Shaw's fitness had already been a concern, and the young England player had been placed on a special training programme having returned from the World Cup out of condition. The exact nature of this injury hasn't been confirmed -- we'll update here when we know -- but as United continue to flounder about in the transfer market, it's looking like Louis van Gaal will have to improvise this weekend.

Reece James, your time is now.

Update: Apparently it's a hamstring injury. Which is exactly the kind of injury that full backs need to be getting.