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Manchester United could swap star striker for Arturo Vidal

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According to Javier Hernández's agent, there will be news on his client's future soon -- potentially involving a deal to bring Arturo Vidal to Old Trafford.

Mark Metcalfe

According to the Daily Mail this evening, Javier Hernández's agent will soon spill the beans on a swap deal Manchester United are engineering in order to land Juventus' star midfielder Arturo Vidal. Well, according to the headline, at least. On closer inspection, Chicharito's agent, Eduardo Hernández, didn't really say anything of the sort:

"I have no news at the moment on an exchange, I haven't spoken to anyone in England, but there will be news soon."

And from that, we can conclude that a swap deal involving Hernández and Vidal is no more realistic than it was at the start of the day. Which is to say, highly unlikely indeed.

Certainly, if TBB's memory -- withered by the undulating emotions of many a transfer window -- serves, Juventus have been interested in signing United's little Mexican striker before. However, we've heard no such rumours so far this summer, save for this story apparently concocted by the Daily Mail.

With Álvaro Morata, Carlos Tévez and Fernando Llorente already up top, why would Juventus even need another striker as good as Hernández? In short, they wouldn't. If Vidal's going anywhere, their top priority would be landing another central midfielder.

In short, is Hernández going to be swapped for Vidal? No.