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Ander Herrera is a giant adorable nerd

United's new midfielder, who is on course to make his debut this afternoon, has been speaking to the Guardian.

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Over in the Guardian, Manchester United's shiny new central midfielder -- still not used to that sentence -- has been speaking to Sid Lowe about his style of football, his inspirations and his move to Old Trafford from Athletic Bilbao. In summary, we are delighted to report that he's a massive football nerd who spends his free time watching any football that happens to be going on, and who venerates pretty much any decent footballer you can mention from the last few years. Which is nice.

The whole interview is well worth reading, but these are the Busby Babe's favourite quotes ...

Herrera on his own game:

I like to have the ball, to be available. I try to play and to defend. I'm aggressive. If the manager wants me in front of the defence, fine. If it's at No.10, No.10. If right-back, fine but of course my qualities are: offer myself, distribute, construct and last year I worked on improving my llegada, the ability to arrive and join the attack.

Herrera on his new manager (who he also compares favourably to former Athletic coach and noted loon Marcelo Bielsa):

One of the things I've liked about Van Gaal is that he gives mucha, mucha, mucha importance to the ball, to possession. He believes that if we have the ball it's easier to attack. It's not ‘ball or run', they're not separate things. Run, yes but with the ball. I prefer that; you don't get as tired.

And finally, Herrera on the principles that should underpin football:

I love football. I love my profession. What I don't like is cases where owners prioritise their interests over the club's. Football can't be solely about profit. Look, no one's stupid: no one wants to lose money but nor should it be about people getting rich off people's dreams.

Oh dear. Nobody tell him.