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Van Gaal "not nervous" about state of squad

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With nine players missing and only two transfers completed, lesser mortals might be feeling a bit concerned. Not Louis van Gaal.

Clive Brunskill

Ahead of Manchester United's first game against Swansea this afternoon, Louis van Gaal has been speaking to the press about the parlous state of United's squad and the lack of business that the club have undertaken this summer. More details are available over on the Guardian, but the key points are as follows ...

On the sluggish summer of transfer business, and the fact that the club have only made two signings, Ander Herrera and Luke Shaw, both of whom had been extensively scouted for some time:

I wanted to assess my team. I can judge only when I am the coach and I transfer my philosophy and know how they perform. So that's what I am doing. I think that is honest. We have to wait and see, because you can buy a player in 24 hours, believe me. That's not a problem.

On the injuries that mean he may have to send out an improvised defence against Swansea:

I am very confident. I am not nervous. Nine players injured and I am not nervous.

And finally, on United's new captain, Wayne Rooney:

I said to him: ‘Maybe it was too much for you as captain ... let it fly, I say, let it fly!' In the US he scored a lot of goals and made a great amount of assists, so I wanted to say that. ... I think he wanted to show more than the utmost best to the public: that he is Wayne Rooney, the new captain. And I said to him: it's more important how you perform, not the captaincy.

Let the record show that the "let it fly, I say, let if fly!" above was accompanied by flappy hand movements.