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Long-term United target "may have played his last game for his club"

The Marcos Rojo situation looks like it could be approaching the endgame, if the latest reported deadlock can be broken.

Netun Lima

It seems the reliable journalists, most prominently Ian Ladyman and Mark Ogden, are aligning in opinion. Marcos Rojo looks like a target Manchester United are very keen to land, but things look a little deadlocked at present.

The problem for United is that Sporting, while owning only 25% of the player and owing 20% of the fee to Spartak Moscow, stand to gain next to nothing for any potential transfer, and are thus reluctant to sell. Fortunately, player power has come on our side, and Rojo looks to be digging his heels in for a move.

Despite the reported termination of the contract with his agent, it seems that Sporting will still gain little money for their man, but United are attempting to negotiate. Even Sky are getting in on the deal, claiming "Sources suggest Rojo is unlikely to play for Sporting again. He was suspended by the club after refusing to train last week, and missed the club's league match on Saturday."

If TBB were to bet, we'd guess that come the 2nd of September, Rojo will be a United player. How much we have to pay and how long that takes, of course, is down to wee Eddy. Best of British with that one.

EDIT: And it looks like there could be another factor to consider in this one.