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Has an obstacle been removed to allow United's Rojo transfer to go ahead?

Marcos Rojo has apologised to Sporting for missing training, which was reportedly one of the things needed to happen for the transfer to go ahead.

Clive Rose

Marcos Rojo looks increasingly like he could make a transfer to Manchester United, and there's been yet another development this evening.

This one is moving pretty quickly, and while we'd be surprised if it was all tied up imminently, Ian Ladyman suggested that an apology was required from Rojo before the club would agree to his departure. Now, that is all taken care of, after the play has come out with an official, public apology after missing training while the transfer saga rumbled on.

Rojo stated to Sporting TV: "I was hot-headed and I'm sorry. I'll be with the rest of the Sporting squad tomorrow."

Presumably this was not followed up with "so I'm staying", and it's clear that he's obviously desperate to leave and join us. We'll keep you posted of any further developments. This is a fairly minor move, but it could be significant, if nothing else as a sign that things are indeed making progress.