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United launch reported nine-figure bid to sign world-class star to reverse fortunes

Manchester United are reportedly ready to make a huge offer to land Angel di Maria to stop their on-pitch decline, according to the Daily Mail.

Laurence Griffiths

We said earlier that sources were increasingly in agreement, and another figure that seems like he could well be coming to Manchester United is Angel di Maria, whom Ian Ladyman, a very reliable and clued-up journalist, has named as being a key target.

He claims, on the back page of the Daily Mail tomorrow, that United will launch a £100m bid (inclusive of wages) for the Real Madrid star.

It seems that a move is very likely to be made, but TBB aren't sure. If we're moving back to 4-3-3, then fine, but it brings back the old problems of trying to placate Juan Mata, Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie. If we're sticking with a 3-5-2, it's hard to see exactly where he fits in. We wrote about this at length in a feature earlier today.

On the other hand, he is clearly a world-class player and could be devastating and provide some pace to the team. Make of it what you will. Some defenders and midfielders would also be nice, however.