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United 'confident' of completing Marcos Rojo transfer

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According to a report in the Guardian, United are confident of completing the signing of Sporting defender Marcos Rojo.

Thorsten Wagner

Manchester United are 'confident' of completing the signing of Sporting Lisbon's Argentine defender Marcos Rojo for £16 million, with only a decision over whether Nani will go on loan to the Portuguese club still to be made. Simple, then! Soon we'll be celebrating the arrival of a shiny new Red Devil!

Or maybe not.

In the Guardian's report, they quote 'club sources' as saying the deal is "very complex." That, combined with the amusing image of Ed Woodward ever being confident about anything, means TBB is still more than a little sceptical. The involvement of a third party in Rojo's playing rights was always going to make this deal more complicated than it otherwise may have been.

However, it's good to see this deal is still getting traction in a pretty reliable broadsheet, and it certainly seems like a strong possibility. If anyone other than Woodward was in charge, we would probably be feeling tentatively confident, too.