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Marcos Rojo deal COMPLETED, signs four-year deal with Manchester United with Nani moving on loan?

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Manchester United's transfer for Marcos Rojo may be completed, according to Argentinian journalists.

Jamie Squire

Manchester United may have completed their transfer for Marcos Rojo, according to journalists in Argentina.

German Garcia claims that a deal has been agreed for the player, who will sign for four years for $20m, with Nani moving in the opposite direction for a season-long loan.

A pretty good move to the eyes of TBB, who were quite keen on the player and think that he might be a bit mental, which we're desperately lacking at the moment. It also means we might not have to see Chris Smalling quite so much this season, which can only be a good thing.

We'll have to wait to see if this dissipates out into the wider press, but it seems to be pretty well-backed up by other journalists at the moment. If so, expect to see details emerging before the night ends. We'll have that, any any official confirmation should it be forthcoming, on here for you as soon as it happens.